With an absolute passion for folklores and fairytales, Deep Forest Films was founded by director Björne Larson to advance the art of storytelling across media by intersecting traditional artists and tech pioneers to bring IPs with heart to life. Studios in Los Angeles and Stockholm.



Cinematic teaser ‘TROLL’ features a young princess in a fully digital environment, written and directed by Björne Larson, starring Academy Award©-winning actress Alicia Vikander, with music by Academy Award©-winning composer Ludwig Göransson and Joseph Shirley

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (March 20, 2019) – Director Björne Larson’s Deep Forest Films and Goodbye Kansas has partnered with Epic Games (Fortnite) on a ground-breaking project that intersects award-winning filmmakers, pre-rendered pixel perfectionists and game industry pioneers.


Executive Producers and game veterans Fredrik Löving and Tobias Dahl joined director Björne Larson on stage to introduce Troll that showcases the slate of ray tracing technology coming to Unreal Engine in 4.22 and how it can be used to deliver stunning, cinematic-quality results in real-time. Based on a legendary Swedish fairytale universe, the teaser follows the young Princess Bianca on a journey through a misty primeval forest with fairies and trolls.


“We’re excited to demonstrate the power of game engines and how the very best technology can help us tell stories, create worlds and build IPs. ‘TROLL’ is a game-changing project, that pushes the Unreal Engine to the next level and fusion talent from the film and game industry, intersecting creative minds and technology in new ways.”– Fredrik Löving, Executive Producer (Goodbye Kansas)  


“Our real-time “Troll” teaser proves the power of Unreal Engine, Epic Games’ absolute passion for cinematic realism and how their pioneering tech creates new storytelling opportunities.” – Björne Larson, Director(Deep Forest Films)


“‘I strongly believe that the future of all digital content creation will be powered by game engines, not only for games but also content for movies/TV and currently unknown future forms of escapisms.” – Tobias Dahl, Executive Producer  (Goodbye Kansas)


DEEP FOREST FILMS founder, director Björne Larson:

“15 years ago I started the journey to bring a legendary book to life. This magical fairytale has captured the imagination of millions of children and adults. In just a few months, and thanks to the power of Unreal Engine, my dream just came true! Epic Games’ absolute passion for cinematic realism and pioneering tech creates unlimited storytelling opportunities. I truly believe the Hollywood-engine is Unreal, a powerful storytelling-tool for all game and filmmakers.”

“Digital humans are quite hard and Princess Bianca is actually ray traced. With that, we’d like to introduce Nick Penwarden to give you a closer look at how ray tracing was used in this piece.”

Award-winning Swedish filmmaker Björne Larson recently directed the acclaimed short film LITTLE MATCH GIRL starring Rebecca Ferguson (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION), Gustaf Skarsgård (WESTWORLD, VIKINGS) and Shree Crooks (AMERICAN HORROR STORY), based on Hans Christian Andersen’s saga from 1846.

“A Spark of hope between life and death”


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